Brochure is very important for any businesses. This is one way to promote your products and one way of showing the costumers that you care. Brochures make the costumers choose and check products easier. So it is important to have a business partner who can do wholesale brochure printing with great designs and captivating to people. Brochure talks what kind of store or products you have. It tells a lot about your business. As a costumer, I am fond of looking on brochures first and most of the times I bought things because of what I saw in the brochures.

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Must be back in shape!

food deit2 already cannot take my tummy just growing and growing with the fact that its not a baby but fats. I started to accept it that I became bigger and bigger and I don’t care. I get to know how to handle people when they wonder and I’m asked if I’m pregnant which many times can be annoying. I learned to live with it already. But then I thank God for waking me up from that “not so good mentality” . By that I see the reality through feeling bad on my self and I already have so many pains in the body. I have no more good condition. I easily get tired and easily get angry. So, I decided to stop it! I have to do something on my body. It is the temple of God and I have the responsibility to take care of it. I’m so happy to have started last week eating healthy foods.

I started with my foods and then power walking everyday. And then hopefully after one month of food diet I can start working out. I have to loose 9 kilos in 3 months. I’m in 2 weeks now and I feel good like lose 1 kilo hehe.

 food deitfood deit1


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Yamaha flute

When it comes to flute, I am proud to say that I once attended a special lesson on how to play it. It was just the basic though and we used a bamboo flute. But it was great, we received a bamboo flute after that seminar. It was just so handy and so easy so I had it with me wherever I go. But unfortunately, I lost it, and I don’t remember who’d borrowed it.

Now, every time I saw somebody playing flute, it flashes my mind. And just lately I found a wonderful yamaha flute at wwbw on sale. Its way so beautiful than what I had of course. I wonder if its the same the way to play it.

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Pre-School Internship!

I am so lucky for my new school wherein I am assign as my area for practice teaching. The teachers and personnel are so nice . They are so wonderful people and helpful specially my mentor. She always willing to help and show me how to do and gives me opportunity to experience different works of a teacher. I was really so satisfied and so thankful for my new place.


Last monday was my last day for this semester but I will come back again to do my 3rd practice the end of this year. I was even surprise when I received a gift from them, it’s a candle holder with an owl design. She even says what an owl symbolises which is ‘wisdom’. I was so touched by that gestures and so proud about them. I’ve learned so much as my learning process to become a teacher in Sweden someday! I praise God for everything!

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Selmer alto-saxophone

I really appreciate men that can play saxophones. It is not so common instruments that is easy to learn or shall I say, an instrument that only few have talents and interests to play it. Unlike other instruments like guitar; easy to learn and many would like to. Maybe because saxophones needs accompaniment from other instruments for it to sounds good. Found a selmer alto saxophone in my favourite online music store and makes me ponder how does it feel if somehow I know how to play with it. Also, how wonderful those people who can.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Eight wonderful years in Sweden!

I cannot ask for more for what my life have been for the last 8 years that I got my own family though across the miles but the Lord put me in the right place! It’s been 8 wonderful years today when I arrived here in Sweden. And within those 8 years, I am so proud to say that I have more than enough to be thankful for. First and for most are my two wonderful girls which I can’t sometimes imagine how I became so deserving to have them. Second would be the great life I have with my husband and my family and with the people around me here. Everyone is a blessings that God provided to me all these years.

It’s still a long way to go but with God in my side He will guide me get it through! Thank you Lord for those wonderful years. Continue to be with me as I continue this journey!

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Dobro guitar

I can’t imagine what I found upon surfing about guitars on the net since I am planning to buy a new guitar that is unique and somehow classic. And look what I’ve found, an amazing and affordable dobro for sale at musicians friend . It is a traditional guitar used by our old folks. I really get attracted to it from the first catch and then became more interested when I get to know what it is. Trust me, this is what I will ask from my husband as a present on valentines day <3.

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